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Meet Our Team

Our team is very diverse and built on a variety of skills and expertise.

Jennifer Kushell Founder and CEO, YSN

Jennifer Kushell

Founder & CEO

Jen has been a relentless advocate for young leaders and entrepreneurs since her first year in college. As a child, she would pack all of her clothes in suitcases pretending to be a jetsetter. Since then she’s visited 50 countries, logging over 2 million miles throughout her lifelong quest to help driven young people fulfill their potential. Jen is today a global thought leader on youth employment and entrepreneurship, a celebrated speaker, trusted advisor, outspoken evangelist and New York Times Best Selling author of Secrets of the Young & Successful. She has been featured in front of 300 million by leading media, is a frequent delegate of US State Department entrepreneurship missions, Youth Advisor to the UN’s Sustainable Development Committee, and a Trustee of the Global Youth Empowerment Fund. Building YSN into a global resource for the billion young people entering the workforce is her dream in the making.

David Stine

Chief Creative Officer

As a child, David was always drawn to design, style, and beauty and secretly hoped Halston, Lagerfeld, or Warhol would soon arrive and rescue him. Naturally, he grew up to be a designer and photographer. UX design, web development, package design, and publishing are a few of David’s passions. His design background is quite diverse, from museum curation and design to packaging design to digital and user experience design. He enjoys designing from original concept and the challenge of evolving while staying “on brand.” An instrumental part of YSN for over 5 years. He is responsible for YSN's celebrated visual impact and aesthetic. Previously, David led the design for YSN's campaigns for the International Franchise Association's NextGen in Franchising initiative, The Subway Global Challenge, and numerous other workshops, bootcamps and events by YSN with the White House, State Department, various embassies, and project partners around the world. A native of Los Angeles who loves his city, David rarely matches his socks and has spent a lifetime avoiding mediocrity and striving for better.

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