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We Can Build a Summit, Workshop, Boot Camp or Seminar for You!

Life Changing Experiences

that prime young people for employment, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Transformative Programs

that train organizations to leverage and empower the next generation of talent and consumers.

Serious Engagement - Your Success Demands that You Capture the Attention of Young People

Image: Students Job Corps 2014

Job Corps – 2014

You must engage them.  Pique their interest. Be relevant. Change their paradigms. Listen. Respond. Make a real difference in their lives. Do more than they expect.

Image: Students Albania

Albania – 2015

YSN brings that “special something” to initiatives, organizations and campaigns. We leverage best practices learned from two decades of building programs and content for ambitious young people, to craft events that achieve strategic objectives, leverage partnerships, spotlight stakeholders, cultivate young leaders, and have a lasting impact on the communities we touch. Let YSN Show You How!

Proven Impact Model

We combine unparalleled experience with best global practices and continuous innovation to design one day to two week programs that are game changing for organizations and the young people they aspire to impact.

Strategy: We analyze sponsor objectives, current offerings, and devise a plan to impact youth while achieving organization goals/

Content: We build compelling programs, curriculum and materials leveraging globally tested, proprietary tools from YSN in combination with original content written to specifically address the market and demographics.

Training:  We send the best trainers and experts in the world to inspire, inform, sculpt and expose participants to the very best information available in the most entertaining and engaging way possible.  Because tone matters.

Assessment: We collect pre and post data essential to proving tangible outcomes, impact, to ensure that key performance indicators are met. These insights also provide invaluable metrics to guide new programming and organizational innovation.

Localization: We work with local partners and often translation experts to ensure content developed stays true to the mission and tone, while ensuring integrity of cultural references.

Documentation: We capture the experience every step of the way with photography and video to ensure both participants and sponsoring organizations can maximize their ROI and the story lives on.

Branding: We design beautiful branding and craft strong messaging for all programs to establish a recognizable image and memorable impression.

Scalability: We build with scale in mind.  Programs we create can grow far beyond our engagement with teacher training, online resource development, and ongoing mentorship.

Promotion: We work with program sponsors, publicists, marketing teams, agencies, the press and of even government officials to generate and fuel exposure for key stakeholders.  We also can develop fliers, posters, advertisements, social media platforms and videos to promote programs, while fine-tuning tone and branding.

Recommendations: We conclude every assignment with recommendations for all stakeholders to keep going, growing, improving and impacting programs, conditions, and resources.

NextGen Franchising Campaign IFA

NextGen Franchising Summit – 2015

Subway Global Challenge

SUBWAY® Global Challenge – 2013

Our Impact

“Your passion and energy for young entrepreneurs left me amazed. The way you guys already remembered every single NextGenner and tried to connect us with as many people as possible really touched me. I am leaving Vegas not just with hell lot of connections, learning and confidence of making my upcoming Enterprise a success, but also with the beautiful memories of having a good time with my NextGen family.”– Chandni Aggarwal, Winner 2015 NextGen Franchising Competition

“Thank you for having the know how to bridge these young entrepreneurs and go getters to the franchising industry (IFA).” – Melanie Bergeron, Chairwoman, International Franchise Association

“You have all influenced my scope of possibility. I am truly amazed by what you have each created in your lives and I have taken away vision, practical skills, support, ambition, integrity and brilliance. Your updates keep the energy alive from the incredible experience we all just shared. Much love!” – Lisa Petro

“I just wanted to personally express my gratitude and appreciation for the entire YSN team that helped to put this competition together. You guys put a lot of hard work and dedication into making this amazing opportunity become a reality and deserve all of the praise that you have received. For me personally, this experience was absolutely incredible. I learned so much just by interacting with the other winners and seeing everyone at different stages within their business. This helped to make my entrepreneurial fire grow even stronger. Every single winner deserves all of the success that they have coming to them. If any of you ever want to talk about business or life in general, feel free to message me and I will aid you in any way I can. I look forward to continuing to build and grow relationships with one another! Cheers to the future of franchising!” –  Austin Walton

Our Programs

Key Themes

Global Citizenship

Entrepreneurial Startups

Career Exploration & Fast Tracking

Leadership & Impact

The Next Generation Workforce

Marketing to Millennials

Who We Work With

Embassies, Ministries, Government Agencies, NGOs, Corporations, Associations, Schools, Philanthropies, and Media Organizations.


Seminars:  Two to three hour sessions led by a thought leader, presentation-style with Q&A opportunities.

Workshops: One to three day interactive programs to train participants in a few critical skills, topics, or present a targeted experience.

Boot Camps: Week-long intensive experiences geared towards preparing for some task or objective.

Summits: Comprehensive, multi-faceted events where participants converge from different cities or countries to engage in a powerful and informative shared experience.

We’re dramatically changing the tone about work by exposing the emerging workforce to a whole new world of opportunity.

Crafted with an approach that identifies their unique needs and perspectives,  the site is unique in its engagement about the things that most concern talented young people.

Looking to explore how your organization can impact the lives and careers of young people? Let’s talk. We’re full of ideas!

Contact us for pricing and a sample curriculum.

Jennifer Kushell – Founder & CEO

Email:   Phone: (310) 822-0261 Ext. 702

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