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SUBWAY® Documentary Case Study

Image: SUBWAY® Case Study

The SUBWAY® Case Study is the first corporate documentary to explore a myriad of fundamental concepts critical to understanding business, entrepreneurship and franchising using SUBWAY® Restaurants, the largest restaurant chain in the world, as a case study. Containing 60 interviews with the founding team at SUBWAY®, the “Sandwich Artists” and franchisees who run the business, and the C-level executives leading global growth, this documentary will enthrall, inspire and awaken students to new possibilities in their own lives and careers.

SUBWAY® Case Study - Documentary

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SUBWAY® Case Study - Documentary Teacher's Guide

This guide is intended to be used in conjunction with the documentary and to provide supplementary instruction materials for professors so that it may be studied in sections, as a lesson plan. Each chapter of the DVD and guide will act as a different instruction segment that can be used independently or in order.

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