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Having access to the right tools, advice, best practices, and resources can be game changing. YSN creates transformative programs that educate people around the world and train organizations to leverage and empower the next generation of talent.

Online Course Design

YSN has experience in creating and developing online course curriculum for today’s market. From creating original content, or developing a content strategy based existing client content, YSN delivers engaging, multi-media courses that speak to a large audience.

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Strategy Days

Deep-dive discussions at corporate offices or on campus with senior leadership/teachers/career centers reviewing challenges, opportunities, and tactics for achieving youth engagement objectives and optimal outcomes
(1/2 day to 2 days).

Workshops & Bootcamps

Multi-day intensive programs that are highly interactive experiences, designed to take young leaders/entrepreneurs/students/teachers to a new level of understanding, or to a specific outcome.

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Speaking Engagements

Keynote addresses or seminar-style presentations by YSN founder Jennifer Kushell at special events, on campus, or at an industry conference.

Feasibility Reports

Comprehensive business assessment, evaluating opportunities for a business or industry to better understand the potential of working with youth or a particular segment of the population.


YSN creates groundbreaking campaigns that position companies, brands, and programs as compelling and relevant for young people to explore and engage with. Interactive content and marketing outreach campaigns can be regional or global in scope, with very specific demographic targets or a broad reach.


YSN partners with NGO leaders, donors, and educational advisors to sculpt innovative curriculum to teach the very best of YSN’s insights, tools, and best practices from around the world in undergraduate and graduate classrooms and special programs. YSN content and programs are in use internationally in multiple media formats.

Program Design

Working with academic leaders and visionaries, YSN develops cutting-edge programs, workshops, seminars, and conferences that maximize engagement and sponsor success. These one-of-a-kind experiences are built to fit organization objectives, can be any length, and can be structured for individuals or as part of a group environment. YSN has designed numerous programs for schools, corporations, industry associations, leadership organizations, embassies, and governments.

Key Themes:

– Global Citizenship
– Entrepreneurial Startups
– Career Exploration and Fast-Tracking
– Leadership and Impact
– The Next-Generation Workforce
– Marketing to Millennials

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