YSN’s Organization of the Week: Pristeen, Inc.

Organization Name: Pristeen, Inc. (click here to view its profile)

Why We Love It: Using only the most environmentally-friendly products, and creating partnerships with companies that are renowned in the field of green and healthy living, Pristeen offers a safe and viable alternative to residential and commercial maintenance services.

Interesting Fact: “The idea for Pristeen came from my own experience as a mother,” says Jen Ramquist, President of the company. “Although I’d clean my house until it was spotless, I was always worried about laying my son down on any of the surfaces. We all know how easily germs spread; combine that with the chemical aftertaste of most cleaning products, and it felt as if I was caught between cleanliness and my son having possible reactions to the chemicals.” It’s from this concern that Pristeen, Inc. was born.

Who Should Work There: We have created this business because we think it’s vital to do our small part in the movement to make people and the environment healthier. In doing so, we believe that together each of our small contributions will create the change we wish to see within our community and on our planet. We hope you join us in our vision.

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