YSN Organization of the Week: The Ski Channel

Organization Name: The Ski Channel (click here to view its profile)

Why We Love It: The Ski Channel is the mountain sport, activity and lifestyle network on free VOD Cable television, web, wireless, and other forms of distribution and has a long-term distribution agreement with Time Warner Cable. The Ski Channel will be in 12 million homes and counting.

What you might not know is that… The Ski Channel’s founder Steve Bellamy also founded The Tennis Channel!

Major Milestone: We recently announced a multi-faceted partnership with preeminent ski filmmaker, Rage Films. The deal includes exclusive and non-exclusive windows for all Rage ski films on The Ski Channel, extensive programming partnerships leveraging Rage’s extensive clip library and future production partnerships. The deal also includes an equity investment on behalf of The Ski Channel into Rage Films, an option to purchase the rest of Rage at a future date and a significant sponsorship on the Rage Ski Film Tour.

Common Entry-level Positions: Marketing, Ad Sales, Internship

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