YSN Is Going Global With The SUBWAY Challenge!

Our mission and passion at YSN is to inspire young, would-be entrepreneurs from around the world, and we couldn’t dream up a better opportunity to spur global entrepreneurship than partner with SUBWAY, the largest and most successful restaurant chain in the world to help impact the next generation of emerging talent.

The vision behind the online game – The Virtual Build Your Own SUBWAY® Challenge –  which launched to 1oo countries on January 29th. Came from our fearless leader, Jennifer Kushell and she has worked tirelessly for two years to share this challenge with the world.

The goal of the virtual SUBWAY game, which takes place from January 29 through March 12, is to attract players from every corner of the world who will set up their own store, choose their location, learn the business, answer quiz questions, and drive traffic to their restaurant via social media. Here’s a map of current virtual stores all around the globe. REGISTER NOW and add your own!

Participants will gain points as customers visit their virtual restaurants, as well as through a series of challenges, which includes creating a promotional video to pitch themselves and their restaurant. Global and country-specific leaderboards will track the highest scoring contestants throughout the four week challenge and will determine, along with a comprehensive review by a panel of judges, who the winners and finalists are. The winners will be notified from April 15 through April 19. Visit our FAQ’s for more info.

So what makes this challenge so special, and why SUBWAY? We’ve  produced an educational documentary, “SUBWAY Restaurants: How a 17-year-old Built the #1 Restaurant Chain in the World through Franchising” to help tell The SUBWAY story, which started at a backyard picnic in 1965 when Dr. Peter Buck gave 17-year-old Fred DeLuca a check for $1,000 to open a submarine sandwich shop.

Subway is one of the greatest business success stories in history, and we believe so firmly in the entrepreneurial spirit of ambitious young people that we’re sharing their with students through 10,000 business and entrepreneurship professors located at colleges and universities in 100 countries throughout the world. To see a preview of the documentary, CLICK HERE to see a preview of the documentary!

For us, the inspiration comes from young people throughout the world struggling in today’s tough economy. This challenge is focused on providing job, career and networking opportunities for every person who has ambition, but there are some pretty great prizes up for grabs!

The five top winners will win a VIP, all-expense paid trip to the United States to visit SUBWAY headquarters, meet with SUBWAY® co-founder and President Fred DeLuca and the senior management team and attend a special training session. From there, they’ll visit New York City and Washington DC.

100 semi- finalists, one from each country where SUBWAY restaurants are located, along with the 5 winners, will be introduced to the global management team for the brand. The SUBWAY management team is committed to working with the top performers and to introduce them to opportunities to be part of the global franchising team. Possible opportunities for qualified individuals could range from supporting regional restaurants as field consultants, working with a regional development team to help grow the brand, joining the corporate management team, working with multi-unit franchisees, store level employment or even get the chance to own a SUBWAY franchise.

“For 47 years we have provided both entrepreneurs and staff members with business opportunities and support systems to help them become more successful,” said Fred, co-founder and President of the SUBWAY chain, and a member of the International Franchise Association Hall of Fame. “We want to take that a step further with the Build Your Own Virtual SUBWAY Challenge by identifying young people globally who would be a great fit for our business. We know that as SUBWAY continues to grow, it will be the young entrepreneurs throughout the world that will keep our brand relevant and vibrant.”

Those are powerful words from Fred DeLuca, he even gave us a video message to kick off the campaign!

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner a company that holds the same values and enthusiasm we do. We encourage you to play along with people from 100 different countries, and dream big of the opportunities for personal and professional success. LEARN MORE about the Build Your Own Virtual SUBWAY® Challenge.

We’ll be featuring players, virtual franchise progress, and creating discussions and community on our Facebook page and Twitter, so join in. Let’s go global!