Young & Successful Profile: Hilary Harwell

hillary-harwellComing out of college and beginning a career can be a confusing and anxiety-ridden transition.  My mission is to help young professionals gain clarity on their values and strengths so that they don’t have to spend the early part of their careers doing something that doesn’t suit them.

The direct motivation for my company, An Inspired Mind LLC, arose during a time of great economic turmoil and uncertainty about life in our country. I had been working a cushy but stressful job at a major Investment Bank for six years, steadily progressing along a career in management. I was supervising a small team of Operations employees when my husband was offered and accepted a position 1500 miles away.  The time had come to move on, but my company didn’t want to see me leave. I was offered the opportunity to telecommute from my new location and remain in my current role. Of course I jumped at what I thought would be a great opportunity – work from home, have more time to be a mother to my two children, and keep my salary! As it was, I was not very happy for myriad reasons.

I learned a great deal from my experience in Corporate America, both in the office and working remotely, about what I didn’t like and about what I was really good at.  I learned what made me tick.  I want to take this experience and use it to help other young professionals gain the confidence and clarity about themselves and what they can offer the world.  I think too many young people have inadequate support systems coming out of college.  Because of this, and because of the difficult job market we are experiencing, these young people are often forced to take jobs that aren’t ideal.  I empower these young creative future entrepreneurs to be bold, live fearlessly, and follow their dreams.  I help them define and live their inspired vision.

During my own journey through the early part of my professional life, I realized that living an authentic life was more important to me than any paycheck, any promotion. I want mine to be a life of purpose and I want to help other people to attain a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. To help people live life to the fullest is exhilarating! This is the divine motivation that brought about An Inspired Mind LLC.

My 5 Top Tips for Success as a Young Professional:

1.  Define your own idea of success. Don’t be governed by the ideals and values of others.

2.  Get in touch with your most important values and strengths. There is something you can do better than anyone else.  Use it!

3.  Be mentally disciplined. Live each day like it was your last and create your opportunities through tenacity and perseverance.

4.  Do not be afraid of failure. It is the times we fall the hardest that create the greatest opportunities for growth.

5.  Enlist in the services of a mentor or coach to help you challenge limiting beliefs and plot a course for the achievement of your success!

Should you wish to speak with me further you can contact me at or by visiting my website: I look forward to hearing from you soon!