WOW…You’re Hired!

jimmy-sweenyOver the past few years, I’ve had many discussions with recruiters and hiring managers who have all told me that the candidates who land positions are the ones who really stand out among the sea of ambitious, smart and hungry applicants. In these tough economic times where jobs are scarce it’s more important than ever to nail an interview – should you be lucky enough to land the opportunity!

When I came across the WOW … You’re Hired™ job search system by Jimmy Sweeney I was so blown away by the uniqueness of this approach to interviewing that I had to write about it. At YSN, I’ve seen some of the best job-hunting tools out there (we’ve even created our own) and I must say – this one really stands out!

After you’ve learned all about your values, motivators and operating style through our career assessment reports we strongly urge you to utilize this amazing system to land the job of your dreams.

With the WOW…You’re Hired!™ system you’ll learn how to stand out from all the other applicants during the job interview process. Go beyond memorizing the answers to questions most commonly asked and take the interview to the next level with a two page template called the “Secret Career Document” which will show the interviewer exactly what YOU plan on doing for the company if hired.

With the “Secret Career Document” you’ll:

  • Leave the interviewer compelled to hire you for fear of losing you to another company.
  • Shift the traditional interview conversation into one that’s 100% focused on picturing you as the new hire.
  • Get hired on the spot or shoot straight to the top of the hiring managers list.
  • Create a unique job-landing strategy that other applicants simply cannot compete with.
  • Be in control of your job-search. Reduce stress, frustration, anger, anxiety and fear!

Learn more and Discover The Job Interview Secret Now!