Would You Rather…

So, my best friend and I are big fans of playing the game “Would You Rather” via text messages, and today I got one that left me a bit puzzled. Would you rather be inappropriately dressed for everything or be an hour late everywhere you went?

Okay, so at first, I picked being inappropriately dressed, because you could just pass it off as your own unique style. But then, I thought about job interviews, business meetings, going to church or meeting your significant other’s parents, all times or occasions when your appearance really matters. I mean, imagine going to a job interview dressed like you were going to the beach or cleaning out the garage?

Then, there is the other alternative… being an HOUR late everywhere you went, which would be so disrespectful, and just plain frustrating. Think about going to the movies, a wedding or a surprise party. But would being an hour late to a business meeting be better than showing up on time, dressed in pajamas?

Being punctual and well dressed are both major determining factors in how successful you are in life… Either way you could never make a nice, good solid first impression. In the end, I think I would pick being an hour late, because at least once you reach your destination you could be taken seriously. What would you pick? Would you rather be an hour late or inappropriately dressed?