When The Lone Wolf Joins a Pack


Earlier this week, I read a great post from title The Lone Wolf – Five Hard Truths for First Time Freelancers. You should read it before continuing on.

The five principles were:

  1. The world is a pack animal and you are an outsider.
  2. There will be lean days; it’s the nature of the biz.
  3. Your environment is everything.
  4. Social networks actually matter.
  5. Commitment phobia is the name of the game.

She mentions at the end that all of these hold true when building a company and that is why I wanted to highlight this.

As someone who has gone from running on my own, to now running with the YSN pack I can completely relate to this.

Plus, I to make sure that each of you out there takes the time to read it and take it to heart.

Too often all that is talked about is the glorious fun things that come with being an entrepreneur and it is important to remember that it isn’t for everyone. It is harder than it looks, but if you can deal with these hard truths, you’ll do ok.

What other hard truths would you add?