What We’re Reading This Week

The YSN team has amazing content to highlight this week. From an escape manual on how to ditch your boring desk job, to self-proclaimed white house Geeks schooling us on student startups, here are a few things that are absolutely worth checking out on the web right now.


Inc magazine recently launched their second season of Trep Life, a web series that highlights the real hustle and grind that it takes to be an entrepreneur. These episodes will inspire you to turn your dreams into reality and give you insight on how all that hard work really does pay off.


Starting a business in the developing world can be rough, but the rewards are countless. Read up on how young people in Nigeria are finding opportunities to challenge the status quo


Under30Experiences founder Matt Wilson shares how he escaped boredom and discovered the excitement and energy that travel gave him in Escape Manual: The secret to temporarily escaping your job, living a life that makes your friends jealous and making memories that last a lifetime.



“We the Geeks” is a new series of Google+ Hangouts that highlight the future of science, technology, and innovation in the United States. Watch their most recent discussion about student startups and sign up for their newsletter here.


We’d love to hear what’s piqued your interest on the web recently. Feel free to drop us a line at content@ysn.com to contribute!