What Do You Want in Life?

You probably think you already have big dreams, but no matter how big they are, you can always go further. It’s one thing to want to own a business, becomes the vice president of a company, or start a charitable trust. But those goals, as specific as they are, are still too vague and limited in scope to lay the foundation for you to create a practical, workable plan for your life. Simply stated: unless you start by creating a very detailed, complete comprehensive vision of your Ideal Life, your ability to actually make it happen will be seriously hindered.

Even if you already know what you want or have already thought about where your life and career are headed, here are a few questions that may challenge you:

What will the pinnacle of your career be?
What’s the highest position you will ever seek to hold?
What is the most impressive, impactful thing you want to accomplish?
What would you like to be known for?
What will your days and nights be like?
Where will you live? Where will you play?
What symbols of success do you hope to possess? (Think about the substantive and more materialistic stuff, too.)

Until you can see this vision of your Ideal Life in your mind’s eye as clearly as today’s lunch, you really haven’t given your dreams the chance they deserve!