Welcome to the New YSN!

We’re so excited to finally throw back the curtain and share with you the new YSN!

First and foremost, we’ve merged our two sites – YSN (Your Success Network) and the YoungandSuccessful Blog into one. Nothing is gone, it’s just a lot simpler to navigate now!

There’s so much to tell, but here’s a quick run down of what you’ll find here:

Overall YSN is cleaner, more streamlined and easier to find your way around, not to mention what you need.

The blog (packed with hundreds of articles and tips) is front and center now and being updated on a daily basis, both with our own insights and tips, but also with the help of a slew of new contributors who have impressed the socks off us in our own search for great career advice. We want to hear from you, so please keep the comments and tweets coming! The more we hear from you, the better we can respond with more of what you like and change up anything that needs it.

Our proprietary suite of YSN tools (book, assessment, fast track) are to the right. We’re still tweaking these to make their packaging as strong as their content, but first things first, right? Substance and value are always our primary goals. More coming on those soon, but please, don’t wait to check them out if you’re in a state of transition or looking to shake things up a bit. They’re loaded with invaluable insights and strategies to get you to the next level, fast.

Anything else you’d like to know about us, what we have to offer, or even how you can work with us is along the sides and bottom. We’ve updated all of that to more clearly explain what we do, what our goals are here and how we can help. (Also, how you can help us, if you really want to know! We always welcome that!)

You’ll notice we’ve ditched the “one size fits all” approach to content and introduced three verticals – student, young professional and seasoned pro. That’s because we know that your concerns and issues are different. So are your priorities. This gives you quicker access to more targeted content and resources and us the foundation to bring on new contributors and sponsors to offer the highest caliber of information possible. You can also access what’s most relevant to you on our left sidebar under Career Path. We’ll be building all these sections up a lot more over the coming weeks.

Even our newsletter, YS Weekly, is getting a makeover next And the technology behind it all, is such a dream to work with. (Big shout out to WordPress, Thesis and BlueSky Factory!)

Lastly, our original YSN community, and all of the thousands of professional portfolios so many of you have created is all still here, but, candidly, it’s due for an overhaul. If you’re an existing member, you can log right into it seamlessly as you always have. If you’re new, I’ll be totally honest, you might find it a little clunky. But the value is there, I promise! As for our plans with the community, I want you all to know I remain fiercely committed to maintaining a place where you can connect and engage and be inspired by your peers from every industry, stage and part of the world. There are some complications though that we’re just sorting out. I can explain more in another post, but I’d really love your input as we explore the future potential to keep growing and evolving the community too. Please keep using it as the support network it has been for so many to keep them on track and moving forward in their careers.

Ok, that’s it for the essentials. Look around yourself. Explore! Engage! And be sure to let us know what you think. Your feedback and comments mean everything to us.

Speaking of “us” I have to share with you one last thing. This reinvention and all of the good stuff that’s coming with it would NEVER have been possible without Monique Peltz and Jen Iannolo managing the whole makeover. They are the people who, for me, make some of my crazier dreams come to life. Their dedication to this project can be seen in every single page, corner and crevice. I am so grateful.

Now stop reading and dig in. 🙂

Here’s to your success, now, and always!