Vegas Baby!

cometsSo I’m happy to report that the workaholic in me finally took a little break after speaking at the NACE (career center and college recruiting) conference in Las Vegas last week.  After presenting one of my favorite topics on the massive communication gap between students and recruiters, it was a nice treat to get a chance to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer.  Great people, restaurants, hotels, shows and yes, even a little blackjack!  Seeing the Cirque du Soleil show “O” had to be one of the coolest things I’d ever seen, but when Scott and I started reading up on the incredible story of its founding, we were all the more in awe.  Since you know how we love a good Young & Successful success story, here are a  few interesting facts about this spectacular empire that I thought you’d enjoy.  (We actually googled these at a little cafe at about 2am! Check out the site if you get a chance though, the photos are mesmerizing!

Cirque du Soleil was started in 1984 by two high school dropouts – Guy Laliberte, a 23-year-old accordionist, stilt-walking, fire eater and his friend, 24-year-old Daniel Gauthier, a youth hostel manager.  There startup capital came from convincing the Quebec government to give them $1 million to create a show of street performers in celebration of the anniversary of Montreal’s founding.  Today the Montreal-based company has over 4,000 employees from 40 nations who speak 25 different languages.  Over 1000 of them are artists.  The average age of en employee is 35.  Almost 90 million spectators have attended various performances that have visited over 200 cities worldwide.  Not bad for the crazy dreams of two poor but brilliantly artistic and ambitious street performers.

For more on the story check out this article from Money/CNN.

A nice reminder to all of us that no dream is too crazy to bring to life.

Jennifer Kushell is President & Co-Founder of – Your Success Network and Author of NY Times Bestseller Secrets of the Young and Successful.

Picture Credits: “Comets” by Veronique Vial, Costume by Dominique Lemieux