$25 Makes a Big Difference to Struggling Entrepreneurs

I have a proposed [rev-o-lu-tion] to start for yourself that can help to change the world. As I was watching Current T.V. this evening, I saw a clip about a concept that I had not been aware of. The concept of micro-financing is a way of making small loans to low-income entrepreneurs that combined add up to a large enough loan to get the entrepreneur started in his or her new business. The clip was about a website that allows people to log on and make small donations, as low as $25 to the entrepreneur of their choice. I was quickly inspired, so I logged onto the site, www.kiva.org to see what it was all about.

logo for organization The following is an excerpt from the kiva.org website, explaining what kiva.org is.

“Kiva allows individuals to make $25 loans to low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world (microfinance). By doing so, individuals like you provide affordable working capital for the poor (money to buy a sewing machine, livestock, etc.), empowering them to earn their way out of poverty. It’s a new, direct and sustainable way to fight global poverty, and the way I see it, I get a higher return on $25 helping someone build a future than the interest my checking account pays. Please check out the site: http://kiva.org. If you need more “reputable” validation than my recommendation :), know that they have received great press in publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal to NPR to BusinessWeek.”

(Kiva was also written up in YS Weekly)

If you ever wanted to make a difference in someone else’s life, but never had the opportunity, now is your chance to take that step and be a part of something bigger than yourself. If you would like to start your own [rev-o-lu-tion] which involves not only changing yourself, but helping to change the world, $25 can get you started. This is not a money making venture for yourself, but a self building venture. This can be the beginning of your own revolutionary change. I have heard from many visitors to myrev.org and some have not found what it is that they are passionate about or what it is that makes them feel successful. I am here to tell you that the simple act of helping another person realize their own dreams, can spark you to realize your own dreams in return.

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Chad A. Armel is the author of the book “Stepping Stones,” a collection of motivational and inspirational poems. Chad is also the founder/editor of myrev.org, a website dedicated to motivating visitors to make a change in their lives.