Top Business Podcasts for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

At YSN we always like to learn from the best, and it’s a strategy that has served us well in just about every capacity. So when I saw this list of Best Business Podcasts from a great company  called SkilledUp, I couldn’t wait to share.

A lot of people we meet are intimidated by business, think of it as a foreign world, and some are even scared to strike out on their own to do something they really love because of it.

I was lucky to be raised in a business family — a family of entrepreneurs. It’s really in my blood, but only because it was ever-present — always being studied, discussed and debated in the living room, kitchen, car, when out to dinner, during family vacations, etc. I’ve always recognized this exposure as a huge advantage, but now, with all these fabulous podcasts about business available, and all the online learning available from the very best and brightest of our time, now everyone has access; it’s just up to you to embrace it, engage and soak all up all the good stuff you can.

You can’t choose your family, how you were raised, or what your early exposure to the world looked like; but as an adult, you have a whole lot more say. If you choose to feed yourself with great knowledge and surround yourself with success, I truly believe that just about anything can be possible.

Now go check out these fabulous business podcasts out and let us know which ones strike a chord with you!