Top 5 Lessons to Learn From Celebrities

Open any celebrity gossip magazine, and your bound to see some crazy story about Lindsay in rehab or Paris strutting in an out of jail like it’s the latest night club. While some of these stories are exaggerated, and others are all together fabricated, we can still learn some lessons from the lives of our favorite troubled, young stars.

1.You probably shouldn’t wait for jail to clean up your act.
Paris Hilton supposedly has “found herself” after spending 23 days in the slammer. As Anderson Cooper pointed out, Paris is 26 years old… did it really take JAIL for her to realize the positive impact she can have on society? That she can do more than walk a red carpet 3 times a week? None of us are perfect, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to hit rock bottom to change your ways. From eating healthily to giving it your all at work, it is never a bad time to make some positive changes. You shouldn’t wait for your boss to scold you for being late to set your alarm a little earlier… and maybe that time spent at the bar could be spent at a local animal shelter. Just a thought!

2. Don’t over extend yourself… you might get too “exhausted”.
In case you didn’t know, partying 5 nights in a row when you have work in the morning isn’t the best idea (I’m lookin’ at you Lindsay Lohan). If you have work the next day, try and get a good night’s sleep and hold off on the heavy drinking. Unlike Ms. Lohan, we won’t all be so lucky and get to keep our jobs. And is a late night of partying with your friends on a Tuesday reeeeally worth your job? Probably not.

3. Wanna keep your job? Watch your language in the workplace.
Isaiah Washington caused quite a stir when he made a few insensitive comments regarding a fellow cast member’s sexuality… and those remarks eventually cost him his job on Grey’s Anatomy. No matter how heated an argument or intense a conversation, you should always watch what you say, especially at work. You never know who you will offend, not to mention who is listening. So choose your words carefully and make it a habit to leave the foul language at home.

4. When they try to make you go to rehab, you probably shouldn’t say “no, no, no”
Lindsay and Britney have treated rehab like a yoga class, coming and going as they please, not appreciating the program for what it is. If your friends, loved ones or coworkers think you have a problem that you need help solving, you might want to listen. So if your boss thinks you need to revisit your training manual so that you are more on top of your game or if your best friends think you need to look into rehab consider what they have to say. They aren’t trying to mean or hurtful, they just want to see you get better.

5. Keep your pants on… or remember to put them on in the first place.
Britney, Paris, and Lindsay have all shown us that they have yet to master the art of gracefully exiting a vehicle… and they apparently can’t afford to do laundry and or buy underwear. Whether it’s for a job interview or a dinner party, you should always dress appropriately. Respect yourself and those around you and cover yourself up. While fashion is a statement, you should try to be remembered by your intelligent contributions to the conversation rather than your clothes (or lack there of). I mean, come on, just because you don’t “wear the pants” in a relationship doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them under that dress… it’s just a saying.