Top 10 signs you’re working for an emerging startup company

In the spirit of Sportcenter’s Top 10 Plays and The Late Night Show with David Letterman’s Top Ten, I bring you the Top 10 signs you are working for an Emerging Startup Company.

10.) You look at your paycheck every two weeks and realize a ZERO is missing

9.) The office furniture requires assembly and the only tools you have are the one’s that came with the furniture

8.) You are constantly parading potential investors and clients around the office explaining the open space as “room to grow”

7.) You’re on a first name basis with the customer service reps from the phone company because you’re on the phone every week trying to get the cheapest long distance plan

6.) When your IT Guy doubles as your Office Manger, Customer Service Rep, AR Clerk, Chef, Fulfillment Manager and Head of Operations

5.) Your concept of a healthy dinner consisting of the 4 major food groups is Pizza, M&M’s, Doritos and Red Bull

4.) Your work hours are the same as a 7-Eleven’s…24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

3.) The CEO expresses his satisfaction with your work by walking down the halls at 11:30PM at night holding his computer on his shoulder like a boom box playing “Pimp Juice!”

2.) Your family fills out a missing person’s report and you end up seeing yourself on the side of a milk carton

1.) After working at the company for a while it becomes apparent that you’re working for hopes and dreams rather than money and stability