Tips for Improving Job Prospects for MBAs

Getting an MBA today has become a benchmark for an individual to carve out a successful career path. Top MBA colleges groom students and nurture them into young professionals, preparing them to take on managerial responsibilities in the corporate world. But most business schools teach you the ropes of the industry, and not how to actually enter it. But you can improve your chances of landing jobs while pursuing an MBA program. Here’s how:

Begin the Search in the First Year

If you are contemplating when to begin the job hunt, the answer is now! A student must commence the search as soon as he or she is granted admission to an MBA course. It is not advisable for you to apply to positions in the first year, but you can start by learning more and becoming an expert in your own career field, be it marketing, supply chain management, finance or HR. You should also decide which industry you wish to join in the future. Have formal interactions with people who are doing exactly what you want to do. Seek their career advice and make plans to achieve your goals before you enter your final year.

Stand Out from a Sea of MBA Graduates

Don’t wait for people to notice you. You will lose out on precious time if you wait until graduation. Grab the opportunities that come your way during site visits and corporate presentations. On such occasions you will get various chances to network by asking substantive questions. This should be followed by one-on-one conversations. During sessions, make sure you arrive early, leave late and engage in classroom discussions on significant topics. This will help you get noticed by professors and make you referable to their industry contacts.

Carefully Tap Resources 

While interacting with professionals from the industry you wish to join, make sure you extract as much information as possible, but at the same time try to appear well-informed and aware. Do your homework ahead of time and get an overview of what these professionals do for a living. Also, try to impress them with your focus and substance so they may refer you to their contacts for added insights. These networks will not only offer useful guidance but can also be utilized for digging out job leads. You can also utilize your college database and check for alumni who can help you.

Stay Current

Employers expect MBA graduates to be in tune with the latest industry news and trending topics relevant to their fields and the position they are seeking. To stay updated, you can follow industry-specific keywords on social networking sites, such as Twitter. You can even set up customized streams and RSS updates to keep you informed. When applying for a particular job, make sure you research the target company. Also, stay on top of your game by reading about its competitors. This will not only help you make a good impression during the interview, but will also open more avenues for you to apply.

Showcase Your Skills and Education

Your MBA degree will certainly reflect the fact that you are fully-equipped in terms of knowledge and training, but your candidature will highly depend on you having a good resume. Acquiring an MBA degree is definitely a major accomplishment, but recruiters want to see certain examples of your skills and capabilities with leadership and managing strategies. Make sure you have a current CV and highlight all your academic achievements in it. If you have worked before, highlight those professional experiences and the goals you attained which will help recruiters envision you as a steadfast asset.

Author Bio: Devika compiles relevant facts and analyzes the current state of affairs pertaining to the domain of education degrees and their prospects. She is currently writing informative articles, news stories and blog posts on Indian educational institutes and courses offered by them. The above article discusses about how students can prepare for future after pursuing MBA.