Tip #8: Build Your Competitive Edge

ten-tips-square150In this economy, you need every possible advantage to survive—let alone find success—in your job or career.   So what can you do to build your competitive edge?

1. Beef up your bio or resume. Challenge yourself to keep adding notable experiences to your repertoire.  Take advantage of weekends, vacations, or evenings to get active in industry associations, volunteer, intern, work part time, or pick up some consulting work.

2. Become invaluable. Whatever you may be doing for work, be someone your bosses or partners can’t live without.

3. Be someone people want to have around. Particularly in rough times, a great attitude can make all the difference between people wanting to work with you, go out of their way to help, or cut you loose.

4. Help as many people as you can. Go out of your way to be a good person and make lots of friends…especially with people who can help you with your career.  Be a resource to them.  Offer to help, even work for free.

5. Network like crazy. Stay well connected to your existing network and keep those relationships strong.  At the same time, expand your contact base and make an effort to surround yourself with new, interesting and successful people. Your exposure and your access to opportunity will increase dramatically.

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