Tip #5: Goals. Got Any?

ten-tips-square150Before you head out to your New Year’s party or start popping the champagne, make sure you take a little time to contemplate what you hope to accomplish in 2009.  Sure, this year hasn’t ended quite as well as any of us had planned, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t give ourselves every possible advantage moving into this next one.  And, after all, that’s what YSN is here for – to help you find the success you’ve only dreamed of…without waiting a lifetime!

You’ve heard it before – people who set goals for themselves consistently achieve more than those who don’t.  So, let’s be frank, do you have them or don’t you?  Vague thoughts and half-baked answers don’t count.  Writing down our goals is something we all know will make us more successful…but somehow we don’t always get around to it.  Let’s change that right now!

Don’t put it off, start the process now.  If this ends up being all you do — hey, it’s something, which is always better than nothing.  If you want to take this to the next level – consider using our ‘GOOD to MASTER Goal Setting Guide’ below!

GOOD:  List 3-5 Goals
If you could only choose a few things that would make or break your next year, what would they be?  What would you like to accomplish beyond all else?  Make them as detailed as possible.

BETTER:  Now Add Timelines/Deadlines
Attaching deadlines to the things you’d like to accomplish is an even better tactic to achieving what you want in life.  Break your goals into the following increments: 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years. Keep going if you feel inspired!  Include no more than 3-5 goals under each category to keep it manageable.

Jedi Masters: 188 Year Plan
Ever consider your 188 year plan?  Our friend Curtis Estes does!  Seriously!  Curtis is the author of Your Life By Design and one of the top financial advisors in the US who counsels some of the most successful people out there on leaving their legacy.  He claims that the average person can’t remember their great grandparents’ names…let alone what they did with their lives.  That means in 188 years, most people won’t remember any of us…unless we do something about it.  Building a 188 year plan sounds insane at first, but Curtis swears this is the key to building a lasting legacy, and we just love the idea of that!  Try it for yourself.  Or check out Curtis’ to see goal setting from a real master.