Time To Make Your SUBWAY® Global Challenge Video!

Are you ready to be a YouTube star?!

Ok, that’s not the goal of the #2 Video Challenge, but there is a possibility of video fame!

#2 Video Challenge

The #2 Video Challenge is an opportunity for you to get creative and produce a video selling you and your virtual store. By completing this challenge, you’ll earn $15,000 virtual subway dollars, bringing you one step closer to achieving top status above competitors in 100 countries!

Watch Jennifer Kushell, co-founder of YSN, talk about the Challenge!

Tips To Make Your Video Stand Out

First, you’ll need a YouTube account so you can upload your video and post it to your SUBWAY® Global Challenge profile. Then you’ll need to start brainstorming how you would answer the question:

“Why should I win the SUBWAY® Global Challenge?”

Make your pitch video unique, we want to see how awesome you are! You can talk into the camera and deliver a compelling pitch telling us who you are, where you’ve built your virtual store, and why you would make a great franchise owner.

You can also do something bold like create your own commercial, music video, skit, cartoon, gif, or even a flash mob. When you’ve finished your video, upload it to your Global Challenge profile and share your story with our community on Facebook and Twitter.  The more creative you are, the more likely your video will be featured on the SUBWAY® Global Challenge Facebook!

If you have any issues completing the challenge, we have live customer support on the Challenge website.

Get creative and good luck!

About The Weekly Challenges

There are 6 Challenges that will be rolled out one per week. Once a challenge is live you can complete them at any point before the game ends on March 12th, 2013.  You earn points with every challenge you complete and every person who visits your virtual store during the final Word Of Mouth challenge. You can view all of the challenges on your profile, your Vitual Store page. Each click on your unique profile URL is like a customer registering a $10 sale during the WOM challenge.  And those clicks can add up quickly!