The Instability of The Economy


I remember some time ago when dinosaurs were still roaming the plains people used to stay on their jobs for 30 or 40 years and then retire.  Well you won’t see that in this life time again.  So much has changed as these are certainly different times.

According to the USA today employers slashed their payrolls by 159,000 workers in September and this is due to the credit freeze.  Employers are just not able to get funding to even meet payroll and other business expenses.   These job cuts represent the most we have seen in 5 years and this is the ninth straight month we have lost jobs.  By the way (job stands for Just Over Broke). Now without a job I guess it’s JUB, (Just Under Broke).

This is the classical example of, Too Much Month At the End Of The Money.  Here is the break down for jobs:


Manufacturers cut _____________51,000 jobs
Construction cut _______________35,000 jobs
Retailers cut __________________40,000 jobs
Business services cut___________27,000 jobs
Financial services cut___________17,000 jobs
Security & Investments cut ______8,000 jobs
Leisure & Hospitality cut ________17,000 jobs

The economy is taking it’s toll.  There has been an increase in business for temporary agencies. A lot of organizations are looking at bringing on temporary agencies to fulfill job obligations because they don’t want to commit to full time employees right now.

The nation’s unemployment rate is at 6.1%.   If you are looking to retire from your job then you had better think again and start looking at other alternatives for making a livelihood.   Click here for better opportunities.

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