The Importance of Building Your Personal Brand


In the web-driven world we live in, personal branding is now more important than ever. Personal branding is what entices people to become more connected with your brand name, all while engaging them with the purpose behind your business. Similar to the way that businesses need to differentiate themselves from others, individuals need to do the same thing for themselves. From establishing an online identity to placing your name on your brand, building your personal brand has never been more important.

Think of Yourself as a Brand—Establish an Online Identity

Personal branding is about identifying what makes you unique, and contributes to the way you reach your business goals. Consumers gain trust in businesses by learning more about its story and owner. Establishing an online presence will give your consumer audience the extra bit of personality they need in order to fully invest in your personal brand.

One way to do this is to build a personal website.Creating a site that is dedicated to your personal brand is the perfect way to show consumers what sets you apart and highlight all of the characteristics that differentiate you from other business owners in the industry. This can be easily accomplished by anyone with a little bit of technical knowledge using the WordPress platform.

Be Yourself

In order to be successful in business, you need to manage your own image and brand. But you should also be aware of how the game is played and how your personal role contributes to the essence of your brand.

Nothing will differentiate your company from other businesses in your industry quite like a unique personality. Stand out and be yourself, but don’t let your personality outshine your brand. Just let it add enough value to your business that it leaves consumers wanting to know more.

Being an Active Community Member

Developing your businesses brand is one thing, but expounding on your personal brand—well that’s a whole other beast. Want to know one of the best ways to personalize your brand? Be involved and centered in the community that your brand exists in.

Business owners everywhere think that building a brand means solely relying on your business. However, what about the person behind the bran—the one who makes all the decisions and gains the trust of customers? By creating your personal brand, you not only enhance your business’ brand, but you can add value to your overall image.


Mike Templeman has worked in the online marketing industry for the past 10 years. He’s passionate about organic marketing. He is an independent marketing consultant that specializes in PPC, SEO, Social Media, and Conversion Optimization. You can find out more about Mike at