The Best Talent is Always Open to New Opportunities


Last year when I announced joining YSN, there was a flurry of congratulations.

There was also a handful of, “Hey why didn’t you tell me you were looking?” messages. People were borderline upset that I had taken a job, but had never told them I was looking.

The simple truth is that the most talented people are always open to new opportunities.

Employers must realize that no matter how happy someone might be, if the right opportunity presents itself they are going to check it out and might decide to leave.

Ask any of my friends if they ever thought I’d take a job again and they would have told you no.

Yet, the smart ones also reacted to hearing about YSN with, “wow is that ever perfect for you?”

There is a balancing act going on in today’s world by all of us. The social world we live in allows us to put on a face to the world. If we want to make a career move, want to be hired for something, but are employed at something else how do we go about doing this.

I had this conversation with a friend recently and they’ve decided that they need to quit their current job so that they can get access to all the opportunities that may be out there. They knew that if they did it behind closed doors that they might miss out on something exciting. While a bit drastic, in this case I agreed with them.

This is why when it comes to your career, having a strong (and real) network around you is key.

Lots of connections or followers on a social network are great for amplification, but you also need a tight knit group of people that you can reach out and trust with sensitive information like this.

If you have an opening or see someone that you’d like to work for you, tell them so. Never assume that they are as happy as they appear. No matter how much they love their current job, they could very well be open to something new.

Your the one looking for something new? Let other people know. Put out feelers. Notify those closest to you about your intentions.

Don’t ever assume that someone is in the perfect job. The best are always hungry for a new opportunities.