Thanks, Snail Mail

Oh the frustrations of the US Postal Service. I have heard story upon story of lost packages and important cards or letters, but I’ve never really had it happen to me. In fact, my experience with the USPS has been quite pleasant. I’ve always received my cards and packages right on time, and everything I send out gets there in a timely manner. Until now…

My birthday was on Tuesday and I’ve been waiting for my new ID to arrive in the mail so I can go out and actually order a drink on my own with my new, spiffy, over 21 ID. Well today is Thursday and despite the fact that the DMV said it would arrive last week, I am ID-less. And neither has my birthday present from my mom. Everyday this week, I have eagerly unlocked my mailbox only to find advertisements and junk mail for the girl who used to live in my apartment. Talk about a major bummer, especially because I can’t really get mad or file a complaint. Instead, I’m forced to wait and be patient… a virtue that is not always so easy to come by.

But this just one of those times in life, when things are just completely out of your control and stressing isn’t going to help. So instead of getting upset that two pretty important pieces of mail aren’t here, I am going to focus on the “now.” Yeah, yeah it might sound very zen, but when things are out of your control, there’s not much else you can do… so why not sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment.