A Trip to a Franchise Expo

For all the supervisors, bosses and managers out there, here’s a tip on getting the most out of your employees on a Friday without hearing a single complaint: take work outside of the office.

Today, Jen Kushell took us on a field trip to the International Franchise Association’s West Coast Expo, and it couldn’t have been a more productive, enjoyable way to end a busy week. The expo is a place where anyone interested in possibly purchasing a franchise can learn about the different businesses available, from educational centers and printing companies to wine stores and restaurants. In just a few hours, we learned so much about the franchise industry – what it costs, how it works and the multitude of opportunities available to entrepreneurs young and old.

If you’re like me and only ever thought of franchises as Subway, McDonalds or Jamba Juice, I strongly encourage you to at least learn more about it. Franchising is so much more than just working behind a counter making food for people. We spent the entire day speaking with representatives from well-known companies like Quiznos, Sunset Tan (yup, the same one on E!) and Ben & Jerry’s, and lesser known ones like Nanny Poppins, Huntington Learning Centers and Bad Ass Coffee. It’s this whole world of opportunities and there is so much to learn from being part of the industry. Even if you’re not 100 percent sold on the idea of buying a franchise, you can intern or work at a regional, district, national or international office to get a feel for it.

Anyhow, long story short: it was a gorgeous, warm, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky day today and for once, it didn’t matter that I was “stuck” working on a Friday! I was out of the office with my coworkers and boss getting a first-rate education about very interesting, lucrative business opportunities, which we can pass along to you guys.

All in a day’s work — oh, and the free food samples and chatchkies didn’t suck either!