10 Tips for Making 2010 Your BEST Year

starting-lineJust because we’re at the end of January doesn’t mean were letting you off the hook with your resolutions just yet. You may already be into the groove of the new year, but odds are there are still many things you can do to set yourself up for great success this year! Here are a few tips to keep you in the strongest state of mind:

1. Surround yourself with success
“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future,” is a great saying because it’s true! The people and influences we surround ourselves with play a huge role in how we think, act and form our own aspirations.  Rearrange your environment to include more positive, proactive, prosperous, generous and happy people.

2. Commit to making this your best year yet
Banish the doom and gloom attitude of ‘09!  All that fear and pessimism is barely going to get you by, let alone help you knock things out of the ball park.  Switch up your attitude to expect success.  Plan for it.  Build your daily life and plans around achievement and doing what you need to to get to the next level.  Reject status quo.  Instead, make it your fall back plan.

3. Solidify your career plan
If you’re not already committed to a well thought out path, stop RIGHT NOW and look at where you are, what your options are, and be more strategic with every new step you take.  Stop wasting time!  Get a grip now on how to leverage your talents, interests and style to make work something you love and are excited to talk about.  For free help, YSN’s Career Planning tool will help you discover your best path to success in as little as 20 minutes!

4. Show your appreciation
Tell the people you love that you do more often.  Articulate your admiration for your mentors, tell your neighbors how grateful you are for their kindness. As for clients, colleagues, managers, employers, don’t forget how critical they are to your survival and success.  Let them know how much you appreciate their trust and commitment in you and your company.  Little emails, notes, texts, calls and quiet conversations over coffee can really make someone’s day and reinforce your relationships.

5. Combat stress with healthier habits
Next time you feel sluggish, frustrated, fired up or depressed, pass on that third cup of coffee and take a walk around the block, go for a jog, hit the gym, cut up some fresh fruit, nibble on some protein, down a bottle of water, of just put some headphones on and listen to music you love with your eyes closed for a bit.  Not only will you get away from the stress for a few minutes, but you’ll feel stronger when you get back, and you’ll remind yourself that subtle little things you can do like this do make a difference, not just personally but professionally too.

6. Stockpile your options
Opportunity truly is everywhere.  Today, more than ever, you need to have a solid idea of your options so you’re prepared for anything.  Don’t let life or the economy sideswipe you or knock you around like tennis shoes in a dryer.  By lining up opportunities and having backup plans at the ready, you’ll feel more confident, less vulnerable, make smarter choices, and start to pay more attention to what really makes you happy and gets you closer to your goals.

7. Get your career on the fast track
Did you know that every day you have the opportunity to do little things that can make a significant difference in your success? That if you get a better grip on how to best position yourself, package your experience, and build your credibility, people will pay more attention to you and treat you with more respect?  If you surround yourself with experts, advisors, and mentors you’ll make smarter decisions.  If you arm yourself with the right information and insights, you’ll be smarter and probably make more money. Let us show you how with our NEW  Fast Track to Success: 30 Days to Transform Your Life and Career Program!

8. Plan things to look forward to
Looking onward and upward keeps us moving forward and helps maintain our excitement and enthusiasm for what’s to come.  Make plans to go check out a big conference or seminar you’ve been reading about.  Organize a get together with a bunch of friends who really inspire you. If you’ve been working like a dog, schedule a sleep day to shut off your phone, stay in bed, nap, watch movies and rejuvenate.  Set a goal to achieve with a deadline so you can go celebrate when you hit it.

9. Become a tourist in your own town
Start to enjoy your own surroundings more.  It doesn’t matter where you live.  Start to explore like you’re new in town.  Go check out the sites, restaurants, even libraries or theme parks that you haven’t seen or been to in a while. Drag a friend along with you and have a blast.  Find a new appreciation for the place you call home and the fascinating and funny characters who live in your city, town, village or neighborhood.

10. Build your community, build your career
Getting involved in local causes, charities, fundraisers and committees can not only help you make an impact in your own backyard, but you’ll make some great friends and connections too.  Rallying behind a cause (whether local, national or global) gives you a very special opportunity to work with community leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate execs and other special people you might never have met.  Joining forces with them builds unity, camaraderie and a real sense of community.  Best of all you can make a difference in the lives of others…and the rush you get from that is second to none.