10 Internships you MUST apply for!

intern-queenThere are still plenty of internship opportunities for this summer. Remember, over 70 percent of college graduates have internships. These are crucial opportunities for students to develop workplace experience. Internships are great for learning how to network, observe the workplace, and perform entry-level tasks.

Check out the Intern Queen’s Internship Listings on http://www.quarterlife.com/intern. There are over 300 opportunities all over the country still available for this SUMMER !

Here are a few examples of the opportunities available:

New York, NY – Bond No. 9 Fragrance Company (Public Relations Intern)

Anywhere/Virtual Listing – TheSurvivorsClub.org Virtual Internship

Lauren Berger is called “The Intern Queen” after completing 15 internships during her 4 years of college. Lauren is the expert on everything internship-related and she actively pursues opportunities to help educate Students, Parents, Professors, and Employers about internships.