Success Spotlight: 5 Tips on Discovering Your Dream Career

elizabethsaundersoutsidecloseHi! I’m Elizabeth Grace Saunders, a time coach and founder of Real Life E® and a member of the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour. Inc magazine, NBC, and The Chicago Tribune are just a few of the places where I’ve appeared, and here are my “dream career” tips:

1. Try It: I worked at three corporations, a small business, and a non-profit before realizing I loved entrepreneurship. You don’t know what you really want until you try it.

2. Talk to People: Since high school, I’ve regularly reached out to people in the field that I wanted to pursue. Through informational interviews, I found out the back story on life in the industry.
3. Notice Your Energy: If you’re doing what you should be doing, your work will energize you. No matter how good you are at something, you shouldn’t do it if it drains your energy.
4.  Surround Yourself: You could be doing the perfect work but be miserable in the wrong environment. Notice what culture makes you thrive.
5. Follow Demand: If you have no clue what to do, look for areas of job growth and pursue them. You’ll most likely be happier in a high demand field where you’re paid and treated well than one where you always have to struggle.

Elizabeth Grace Saunders is a time coach who empowers women business owners to achieve work/life brilliance.TM  If you want to end your feelings of overwhelm and guilt and step into the future with confidence and enthusiasm, go to TODAY!

Success Spotlight is an on going series you can find on the YoungandSuccessful blog. Each week we’ll highlight one of our awesome YSN members or successful young person! Stay tuned…

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