Success According to… GREY’S ANATOMY

Last Friday, I wrote about the lessons for success as taught by the hit TV program Heroes. Today, I take on ABC’s Emmy Award-winning series Grey’s Anatomy, a medical drama/comedy that follows the love and lives of the doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital.

1. A little humor goes a long way in cutting down stress at work. (creating “Mc”names: McDreamy, McSteamy, McVet)

2. Sleeping with your boss doesn’t mean you’ll get ahead. (Meredith/Derek, Cristina/Burke, Callie/George, Alex/Addison); Moreover, sleeping with your boss is a bad, bad idea — especially if he’s married. (Derek/Meredith/Addison… although Meredith did end up with him… for now)

3. Sleeping with co-workers = not a good idea. Seriously consider only dating people you DO NOT work with. (Meredith/George, George/Izzy, Izzy/Alex)

4. You have to work extra hard to earn respect and be successful if you want to step out of your mother/father/sister/brother/etc. shadow. (Meredith/her mother, Ellis Grey)

5. Even if you’re working 80+ hours a week or experiencing personal problems, don’t lose focus on what you need to do in order to move your career forward — especially if you’re still a student. (Alex failing one part of his boards, George failing the intern exam, Meredith taking the intern exam after the death of her step-mother)

6. Go easy on your boss — as Top Dog, he/she has tough choices to make! Retirement isn’t an easy decision, and neither is choosing which employee to promote. (Chief)

7. It’s important to do something you love, even if you come from money. (Callie)

8. Be wary of that smokin’ hot, perpetual single guy or girl at work — he/she is probably a major player or has commitment issues. (McSteamy, Alex)

9. In order to earn respect as a leader, you need to lay down the law and accept the fact that you might not make many friends. (Bailey)

10. It’s true: That stranger sitting next to you in a restaurant, on the subway or at an event could prove to be an integral part of your future success. You just never know. Start conversations and always be ready with your elevator pitch… just be smart about your alcohol consumption if you’re in a bar… seriously. You never know… (Meredith’s would-be one night stand turns out to be HER BOSS, McDreamy. Oh! And McDreamy getting hit on at the same bar by Meredith’s half-sister at the end of season three — dra-ma!)

If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, feel free to share the lessons you’ve learned! You can also submit a “Success According to…” for your favorite TV show or movie by sending me an e-mail at