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2012 – 2014




Our mission and passion at YSN is to inspire young leaders and entrepreneurs from around the globe, and we couldn’t dream up a better opportunity to spur global entrepreneurship than partner with SUBWAY®, the largest and most successful restaurant chain in the world! Our goal, as always — impact the next generation of emerging talent.

The SUBWAY® Global Challenge is focused on providing job, career, and networking opportunities for every person who has ambition.

Participants will gain points as customers visit their virtual restaurants, as well as through a series of challenges, which includes creating a promotional video to pitch themselves and their restaurant.

Global and country-specific leader-boards will track the highest scoring contestants throughout the five-week challenge and will determine, along with a comprehensive review by a panel of judges, who the winners and finalists are.

This campaign was the largest global contest ever with players in over 100 countries last round!

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We have big things planned for providing opportunities for those with enthusiasm and ambition, and we hope you will consider promoting The SUBWAY® Global Challenge to your audience. To make it easy for you, please use any of the graphics below. If you have questions don’t hesitate to email us.

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