Countdown to Singapore: Tips for Making the Most out of the SIFE World Cup

You are about to embark on an amazing experience at the SIFE World Cup, and we want to make sure you are ready to WOW them. We’ve created a series of tips and strategies for you at to do just that.


As you make your final preparations for World Cup, start to think about what would make the experience the most successful for you personally and professional. Are you looking to network with people from different countries? Do you want to learn about SIFE companies that may be interested in hiring? Are you looking for an opportunity to travel abroad to start your career? Write 3-5 goals down (besides winning the big competition!) and tuck them into your wallet or pocket so you can refer to them daily. Focus on maximizing your opportunities in Singapore and you’ll quickly find there are many ways to win at World Cup!



While you might already have a personal profile up on MySpace, Facebook or Bebo, consider what people find when they Google you. You are about to introduce yourself and your team to people from all over the world. Make sure that what they see is as impressive as you are!

Take 15 minutes and start to build your PROJO – your professional mojo™ – at This will instantly give you the professional appearance you’ve been working so hard to build, in a powerful online identity that you can share with employers, colleagues, teammates – even make your family proud.

Since is a big SIFE partner, the site will also help you share your story with other SIFE students from all over the world!


If at all possible, get business cards printed for you and your team. Considering all of the international teams, global CEOs and corporate recruiters that you’ll be meeting, being able to exchange business cards will not only help you remember one another, but stay connected long after the event.


Don’t pass up one of the greatest opportunities you may ever have to meet people from dozens of countries and executives from some of the biggest companies in the world. Make meeting new people one of your top priorities in Singapore. Sure, you’ll bump into a few of them in the elevators and hallways, but go out of your way to introduce yourself to anyone with a SIFE badge, talk to strangers, and mingle with teams from other countries. This is not the time to be shy! Your entire life could be changed by a single unexpected encounter. It happens every day.


You don’t have to speak the language to be polite, friendly and confident. Odds are you already are, but be extra conscious of smiling to new people you meet. This will help break the ice, put them at ease and make you more approachable. And when you go to shake someone’s hand, don’t give them “the cold fish”! Really! The cold fish handshake is when someone avoids eye contact, then hesitantly offers you their hand – which feels like a limp fish – to shake. Instead, look people solidly in the eye, shaking firmly and confidently, and smile as often as possible.



Once you arrive in Singapore and pick up your registration packages, be sure to review all the material to get a good sense for what to expect at the event. Pay particular attention to the calendars and schedule of events. Highlight all of the critical events to attend (like opening ceremonies and your competition times) and make notes on other optional events or excursions that you’d like to attend, time permitting, so you don’t have to keep scrambling to figure out what you may be missing throughout the event!


All around the big event, you’re sure to see plenty of executives wearing SIFE badges, many with a variety of different ribbons. These are the people who really make your SIFE experience possible. They are the major donors, the supporters, the advisors, and they come from some of the most powerful and successful organizations in the world. Don’t let yourself get intimidated or shy around them. Say hello! Introduce yourself to them! Ask them what their ribbons mean, or what their company does. Is this their first time at a World Cup? Find out what SIFE means to them. Breaking the ice and starting a conversation is as easy as this. (It’s also the key to making great new friends wherever you go!)

One other important thing to keep an eye out for are company exhibits…and the people at the booths. Odds are, they’re not only in Singapore to show their support to SIFE, but several are also looking to recruit the most talented and promising students they can find. Don’t make them look for you…or worse, miss you! Step out of your comfort zone and strike up conversations with them! Even if you’re not looking for a job right now, or you’re set on exploring a totally different field, talking to executives is great practice. Again, sometimes a single spirited conversation is all that separates you from the opportunity or career of your dreams.


When you get your coveted invitation to one of the Top to Future Top events, promise yourself you won’t miss it for anything in the world! If you’ve never participated in one of these breakfasts before, get ready, because you’re about to have intimate conversations with some extraordinarily successful people! To best prepare yourself (and we definitely recommend being prepared!), start by practicing your own “elevator pitch”. This is a popular term for how you explain to someone who you are, what you do, where you’re from and where you want to go…in a few seconds to a minute or two. Getting the chance to introduce yourself is your chance to WOW people and get them interested in talking to you. Second, think about a few career-related questions that you can ask the executives – either your own, or something about their success to date. Then make sure you exchange business cards before you shake goodbye!


When you’re getting ready to make your presentation to judges, it’s normal to be a little nervous. They may be executives from prominent corporations, but remember, they’re also real people, and many of them have kids who they’d only hope would grow up to be as inspired and accomplished as you. Don’t be “too rehearsed”. Show some personality! Always try to create an emotional connection with your audience. Tell them where you come from and why being a part of SIFE means so much to you and you’re sure to win their hearts.


It may seem obvious, but not everyone can win at World Cup. If your team happens to finish the competition early, don’t let it define your experience. And definitely don’t give up and leave. There are plenty of things to do at the event and more opportunities to learn about the world, tons of global companies, exciting new industries and international job opportunities than you’ll find anywhere. The more time you have after competing, the more time you have to make some big strides with your future!


The SIFE World Cup After Party is your final chance to say goodbye to all the great friends you’ll make in Singapore. It’s also your big chance to let your hair down and dance! Don’t miss it…or your chance to become famous. Start to build out your PROJO on and you might just find yourself (and your success story to date) larger than life for all to see! Your friends back home will be so jealous.


During the first two days of competition, your friends from YSN will be passing out paper surveys for you and your whole team to fill out, telling us about what you’re thinking about doing with your life after college and after SIFE. This is the second time we’re conducting The Global Career Mindset Study to bring to life the workforce of the future (that means you!) and you can play a powerful role in contributing to the first global research of students in over 50 countries. As thank you, everyone who completes a survey will receive a free download of our New York Times bestselling book Secrets of the Young & Successful: How to Get Everything You Want Without Waiting a Lifetime. What’s more, we’ll also be holding a drawing where a few lucky winners will win some great cash prizes!