RunFlyRun… Jetting for a Cause

Guest post by Ross Prout.

When I heard that airline Jet Blue was bringing back their All You Can Jet Pass, or AYCJ, for the second year, I was thrilled and started thinking about how I could take advantage of the opportunity in a unique way. Last year a good friend of mine participated in the program where one flat fee ticket gives you unlimited Jet Blue flights for a 30 day period.  It turned into a huge social networking experience with meetups and tweetups all around the country.  I wanted join the party this year… but with a purpose.

Before the AYCJ program, I had already signed up to run the New York Marathon this November and to fundraise benefiting the Life without Lupus foundation.  My idea was to travel around the country and to train for the marathon in a bunch of different cities.  I would be promoting Lupus awareness and seeking donations for the cause along the way.

From there I created where I am blogging on where I’ve been and where I will be running next.  I’ve already run in New York and Portland Oregon in the same week and am gearing up to head to DC and Philadelphia for a 1/2 marathon this weekend.
From a social media standpoint it’s been amazing learning experience becoming part of both the Lupus and “Jetter” communities at the same time.  In Portland I met up with about ten fellow Jetters to run the Pints to Pasta 10k.  On the Lupus side I’m interacting with a lot of new friends that are struggling with this often overlooked and misunderstood disease.

I have a goal of $4,000 to raise overall… I’m only about $500 in, but have a lot more miles to run… and fly along the way.  You can follow my updates at and on twitter @RunFlyRun