I’ve always wanted the movie School of Rock 2 but I never expected it to appear in this form. THE ROCKER isn’t original but it is entertaining. It’s another story of a middle aged man who wants to feel young again. He’s been wanting a second chance because he didn’t get it the first time around but then he learns something valuable along the way. THE ROCKER has enough humor to make you laugh and leave you smiling at the end of the movie. Look in your rear view mirrors comedy movie stars everywhere, because Rainn Wilson is drawing near and catching up.

The Rocker Rainn WilsonFish was in a band called VESUVIUS back in the 80s but his band mates decided to cut him out of the deal in order for them to get fame and fortune. Years later Fish is still wondering ‘what if’ until his nephew invites him to join his band for prom night. He accepts the offer and eventually sees his opportunity to be a Rocker again. The question is will his pride and grudge get in the way?

It is a funny movie. Don’t get your hopes up and don’t have low expectations either, because one way or another you’re going to end up liking this movie. The jokes aren’t that raunchy but some are borderline. Some scenes are cute and sweet and will make some audiences go ‘Aww’. The self-realization moments are not cheesy or too sentimental. I’m glad the movie is determined to stay cool and rock ‘n’ roll throughout.

Here you can definitely see the drastic difference from what the 80s thought was awesome and what present day thinks is awesome – as far as music, hairstyle and clothing go. It’s about knowing when to grow up but at the same time knowing not to let go of things that make your spirit feel alive. It’s about what it means to be in a band and have each other’s back. It’s about appreciating oneself, not letting what others say mess with your head and what it means to rock! All that and more has already been covered in Jack Black’s School of Rock but instead of kids, it’s geared toward teens.

I like how this movie promotes The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Despite the fact that I’ve been to Ohio twice in my whole life, I have yet to visit the site. It will be my purpose for living.

I really want to emphasize that THE ROCKER wouldn’t have been what it is without Rainn Wilson’s excellent performance. His charm and persona is what gives this movie its soul. His comedic timing is as on the target as his ability to endure slapstick physical humor and to change moods and expressions from a careless immature adult into a compassionate and responsible team player. Maybe Will Ferrell could’ve done the gig but I don’t think he would do as good a job.

My Grade for this movie: 4 out of 5


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