Rama’s Screen: Review of Forgetting Sarah Marshall


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Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie posterI really thought this movie was going to be stupid. Boy, was I wrong!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of the funniest comedy movies I’ve seen in years. It’s clever, romantic and outrageously hysterical. You will laugh out loud, I kid you not. I gotta give you a heads up because it’s not family friendly — it’s something meant for adults to experience and enjoy, especially those of us who already know how hurtful breakups can be. Standing ovation to Jason Segel, the star and the writer of this movie came up with this genius, comical take on the meaning of relationships.

Synopsis: Action TV star Sarah Marshall have been dating Peter for five years but now she’s breaking up with him. Peter is devastated and can’t seem to recuperate from the loss. His step-brother suggests Peter take a vacation to Hawaii. Surprises and awkwardness arrive when Pete notices his ex Sarah is also on vacation there… with her new boyfriend.
First of all, I love the location of the film. Hawaii is just easy on your eyes. There’s something hypnotic about it. It gives the movie a sense of irony, too, because you can go to the most beautiful heaven on earth and still encounter the troubles you try to leave behind.

The story is clever, filled with characters that each contribute to the humor and the mood of it all. There’s a surfer who has short-term memory, a waitress/crazy fan, a bartender who keeps nude pictures in the restroom, and a newlywed couple who seem to be having difficulties gettin’ it on. You have got to be creative to come up with those kinds of fictional people.

It’s an exaggerated reality, meaning you can definitely see it happen in real life or you know some situations similar like this one but the movie just slightly exaggerates it to another level. Some may argue that men get hurt more after a breakup while others may claim women are usually the victims in a breakup. This movie wants to show in its own perspective, that both sides are affected no matter how hard any one of them try to cover it up.

Excellent writing on Jason Segel’s part. The way he compares one relationship that the main character had against the relationship that his ex-girlfriend has now with her new boyfriend. And everything builds up to the silly, hilarious ending that is mentioned a couple of times throughout the movie.

One note, if you don’t mind (since I’m a man) I never thought in a million years that Mila Kunis would look so irresistibly attractive. I didn’t find her hot at all in the series That 70s Show, but in this movie, the word ‘sexy’ would not even be enough to describe how good she looks. She plays the front desk receptionist in this movie, by the way.

All the actors are in the in-club member with the Apatow gang, and Judd helped produce this movie, which proves and more and more that that man has a certain skill when selecting which film project to support.

I like the film’s quick way of showing brief flashbacks that don’t waste any time.

I don’t know whether or not FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL is going to go down as one of the best romantic comedy movies of all time, but it definitely will be a favorite to many!