Rama’s Screen: My Very Own Bucket List

It’s 2008, the Year of the Rat. I’m sure most of us don’t want to be associated with that particular animal.

I spend most of my days now working when the sun is up and blogging as soon as it sets. No complaints here, but after a while it begins to feel like a routine.

This past Christmas, I saw The Bucket List, an inspiring drama/comedy starring two screen legends, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. They play dying friends who are determined to do everything they always wanted to do in life before they kick the bucket.

I’m healthy as an ox but that doesn’t keep me from wondering about what I might miss out on if I never take any risks in life. I believe that you have to do something extraordinary, out of your comfort zone, at least once in your life.

So today, I give you four things that I wrote down in my very own Bucket List. Think of it as New Year’s Resolution with a kick.

4. Dress better
I’m going to start buying sharp lookin’ clothes. Not necessarily expensive ones but affordable clothes that will make me look presentable. What you wear can speak a lot about who you are. All this time I’ve been wearing whatever was comfortable because of my attitude. But by looking neat, I can train myself to be neat as well in all that I say and do.

3. Give up cheese
Now this is a hard part. As a carnivore, I find cheese to be an essential element of that which we call food. At the same time I’m well aware, unfortunately, of what it can do to those who love it a little bit too much, such as yours truly. Besides, if I keep eating it, then my exercise program will be a big hypocrisy.

2. Learn how to cook
Let me just say this out loud: I hate to cook. And a person told me that cooking noodles doesn’t count. I guess I never really tried but this year is going to be different. I’m going to get recipes online, print them out, and spend hours of trial-and-error just to get it right.

1. Run a marathon
This is the year that I start running again. Forrest Gump‘s got nothing on this Indo! I’ve signed up for the L.A. Marathon in March, I’m planning to sign up for San Diego’s Rock n’ Roll Marathon in June and hopefully the Las Vegas Marathon in December. I’ve never run 26.2 miles before.

This year is going to go down in history. Yippie Kai Yay! 🙂