Rama’s Screen: Hollywood’s Top 5 Meanest Bullies

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Have you ever been bullied by a coworker? A new study revealed that about 37% of employees have been “repeatedly mistreated in a health-harming way” at the office. Looks like being pushed around isn’t limited to just the playground!

Growing up was not that easy for me. I was one of those kids who just couldn’t figure out how to become popular. Getting bullied, mocked and, worse yet, confronted by a few of my classmates who wanted my lunch money. I still don’t understand having the urge to beat up somebody just because he looks different! But all I can say is that having a better life is still the most awesome revenge. 🙂

This is exactly why I can relate to movies like the upcoming release Drillbit Taylor, starring Owen Wilson. Actor Alex Frost who plays Filkin the bully did an excellent job of being very evil. The recent release Never Back Down displays a whole new kind of bully — the one who seems to be addicted to ultimate fighting.

Over the years, Hollywood has come up with some not-so-bad depictions of bullies. Some may see these characters as exaggerations while, for others, they hit too close to home. And so, for this segment, I’d like to give my list of Top 5 meanest movie bullies of all time. If I miss any particular character, just let me know.

5. Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter movies (played by Tom Felton). What makes a bully worse than his intention to hurt those who he thinks are uncool?.. the wizardry or the magic skills to make his intentions happen.

4. Lancelot in Shrek the Third (voiced by John Krasinski): This is a really funny, inaccurate portrayal of Arthur’s early life. The thought that Lancelot is mean enough to pull pranks on what would become one of the greatest kings in England’s mythology is plain hilarious.

3. Regina George in Mean Girls (played by Rachel McAdams): Of course it’s a comedy and therefore some of the stuff might come across as over the top but the evil queen bee and the girl-on-girl cattiness give this movie its sting.

2. Stan Gable in Revenge of the Nerds (played by Ted McGinley): The only thing meaner than a high school bully is a college bully. They’re like creatures who can’t live a second without bullying someone. If they see someone who looks like a nerd, walks like a nerd and talks like a nerd, then it must be lunchtime for Stan Gable and his jerk buddies.

1. Biff Tannen in Back to the Future (played by Thomas Wilson): Here is the ultimate bully of all bullies. The whole franchise or trilogy present him as the kind of bully who remains a bully no matter what era he’s in. He can be a young high school bully, old bully, futuristic bully, 1950’s bully, rich bully, you name it.