Rama’s Screen: A Recipe for the Perfect Holiday Movie Experience

Welcome to our weekly column by YSN member and movie aficionado Rama Tampubolon. He runs the movie review and discussion blog, Rama’s Screen, and was featured in “United 300,” which won for “Best Spoof” at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. He’ll discuss the latest hot topics and movie reviews every Thursday on Waste Time Wisely.

Christmas is a time for gathering with loved ones we haven’t seen in years. It’s a time for family, which can also include friends who’ve always been there for us. This recipe is very popular with children and a much better alternative for the whole family to enjoy than your average weekend movie night.

Serves: two to a countless number of people

1 Christmas tree
2 large couches
3 loveseats
1 big Flat Screen TV
1 DVD player (Blu-Ray, HD, anything that guarantees sharp image)
4 surround sound speakers
3 small tables for snacks
3 big bowls for chips
2 Christmas theme movies on DVD
5 pillows and 5 comfortable blankets
An endless supply of popcorn and hot cocoa

1. Make sure everyone says grace, enjoys Christmas dinner together and opens gifts at the same time before movie watching experience begins. Place the speakers all around the living room so it results in feeling like you’re inside a movie theater.

2. It is best that people start watching the movie after they’re done with the speeches, toasts and arguments that may arise because of all the secrets that have been kept. It’s the season for putting the past where it belongs and water under the bridge.

3. Start with a movie that’s close to the heart; a classic movie familiar to most members of the family because they grew up watching it during Christmas and have not seen it for a while. Don’t watch It’s a Wonderful Life… they show that every year on NBC. Home Alone would be an example of the perfect first choice. Remember: There are children present, so you probably want to keep them entertained as well.

4. For the second movie, go modern or futuristic for a change. Watch one of the most recent Christmas movies that some haven’t watched yet. The Polar Express could be an option or any of Tim Allen’s Santa Claus series… heaven knows nobody’s watched those!

5. Traveling Christmas carolers are nice and all but their visit could disrupt holiday movie experience. Put a sign on the front door that politely says, “KEEP WALKING.” But if you’re one of those who don’t mind pausing the movie every other 10 minutes to hear some nice folks sing 3 to 5 songs for you, then go ahead and be in the spirit.

6. Allow yourself to get fat with all the food and snacks available while watching the movie. Let’s worry about how we look and whether we’ll fit into those jeans some other time. Christmas is a time to loosen up, relax and not worry about cleaning up until after it’s over.

7. The most important of all is to cuddle up in those blankets, pull those pillows near, get comfortable in each other’s company and keep that smile coming. Getting into the movie you’re watching is excellent, but spending time with those you won’t see ’til next year’s Christmas is what the holiday movie experience is all about!