Here are some good quotes that I look at from time to time for some motivation and extra oomph to get through those hard days.


Learning requires, first a tolerance for failure, since by definition learning means doing things you aren’t very good at.

The entrepreneur is the creative force in economics, the entrepreneur is the person who comes and looks at a desert, jungle, or wilderness and sees a garden, sees opportunity to
create new value.
George Gilder

Every CEO was CEO for the first time.

Morons! I knew there was nothing out there. That’s why I want to build the railroad.

I learned risk without knowing there is risk. Taking risk is actually dashing into hope your just dashing into the future and hoping it is going to be better.
Jimmy Lal

Marketing/ Innovative Thinking

Consumers have more power than ever before. Treating them like they don’t matter doesn’t work.

Multiple channels of information mean that it’s almost impossible to live a lie. Authentic stories spread and last.

The ability to change fast is the single best asset in a world that’s changing fast.

Blogs matter. If you want to grow you’ll need to touch the information-hungry, idea sharing people who read (and write) them.

There are no side effects. Just effects. Indulge short attention spans.

Do something that matters.

Stock Market

Giving up the illusion that you can predict the future is a very liberating moment. All you can do is give yourself the capacity to respond… the creating of that capacity is the purpose of strategy.
Lord John Browne