It’s time to update your office!

Do you still have your 2007 wall calendar hanging by your desk? How about those candy canes or holiday cards? (If you’ve still got Halloween candy in your desk drawer, I don’t even want to know.) If you are still hanging on to these remnants of last year, who knows what else is taking up residence in your office? A great way to keep your forward momentum for the New Year is to clean house and update your gadgets on a regular basis. Why wait until April to give your workspace a good cleaning?!

Download the newest versions of your applications.
Surf the net and update your website, RSS feed or podcast subscriptions (there’s always new stuff out there).
Throw out old magazines and pens that don’t work.
Organize your computer files.
Create new folders for 2007.
Clean out your inbox.
Update the photos you have framed in your office.

And for gosh sake, buy a new calendar!