New Entrepreneurship Program Opening In Rhode Island!

young-girlIn the worst economic climate since the Great Depression, opportunities for success are overshadowed by crushing unemployment rates and a flood of applicants fighting over limited job openings. One Billion youth will enter the workforce within the next ten years. What is a young job seeker to do as they begin their path in a job market during the collapse of the biggest financial institutions in the world?

You may be surprised to hear the answer: become your own boss. In fact, history shows recessions are the perfect time to start the next up & coming business. Recessions have given way to dozens of world- wide company leaders such as Burger King, FedEx, CNN, GE and Wikipedia. There are no age requirements or employee records required to launch the next hot business, and now the teens of Rhode Island can enjoy a one stop shop on their road to becoming their own boss.

Keys 2 Success (K2S) is a new teen entrepreneurship program opening its doors in Rhode Island this fall. Seeking to be the premier path for entrepreneurial development of students between the ages of 14 and 21, K2S focuses on nurturing creativity, innovation, self-awareness and community appreciation through engaging curriculum, creation of a student run business, paid internships and summer work. Opening doors at Mt. Hope High School, K2S begins turning teens into business leaders throughout Bristol and Warren, Rhode Island.

On Thursday, October 22nd, Keys 2 Success will bring together leaders interested in learning more
about the importance of opportunities for today’s youth, at a wine and cheese tasting overlooking the
harbor at the beautiful Bristol Yacht Club. Well-known entrepreneur Angus Davis , who among other accomplishments was Netscape’s youngest employee in 1996 where he was part of building the then world’s highest profile start-up success story, joins K2S and is the evenings featured speaker. Those interested in attending the event or learning more about Keys 2 Success may contact Peter Ferreira at 401-263-3017 or