Navigating the Job Market Jungle

As the job market tightens, it’s more important than ever to put your best foot forward. Job seekers are always looking for new ways to standout from the competition, whether it’s printing your resume on colored paper or singing your responses to the interview questions. Debra Feldman, a.k.a. the JobWhiz, has found a more effective method (albeit less creative) for receiving a job offer by applying simple marketing techniques. You can apply the Six Newer P’s whether you’re selling yourself to a prospective employer or selling your product to a potential client. Debra Feldman explains it all in an article titled “Six Newer P’s that Maximize Job Search Success.”

Here’s a preview of the six P’s:

1. Positioning: The first step to launching a successful campaign and propelling it forward is to identify what makes you a unique candidate.

2. Process: The swiftest route to a new opportunity is to identify your target employers and then address their needs in terms of how you can meet them better than anyone else. Don’t wait around for a company to advertise for a job that is perfect for you.

3. Persistence and perseverance: The early bird, the first candidate to impress the decision maker, has a competitive advantage. So be the one to create a new job just for you by introducing yourself to employers you want to work for.

4. Performance and Presentation: Make sure your resume speaks to your strengths, talents and skills, but nothing beats actual performance to prove to an employer that you can deliver for them.

5. Personality: The greatest credentials in the world are not enough. Interpersonal chemistry, that essential feeling of trust, plays a critical role in hiring decisions.

6. Pricing: Compensation provides a guideline to where you fit into an organization’s hierarchy, how much responsibility/authority you merit and is an indicator of the additional value you represent to the employer.