There has been a myriad of papers, philosophical thought, and theories about motivation and how to acquire it. Yet no one has clearly understood the subject of motivation, and more often than not poorly practiced. How can this one simple human trait be so complex and virtually unexplainable?

Philosophers and psychologists try to explain motivation though many different motivational concepts such as punishment, reward and reinforcement, self control… and several theories pertaining to those concepts such as need theories, and drive reduction theories…

I think that they are blowing the concepts way of proportion and not focusing on one of the biggest issues, what makes motivated people tick. You know the motivated people they are the high school student that is president of their class, with a 4.0 GPA, plays several sports, and is the most popular student in school. In the working world they are people who seems to know everybody and anyone, they are successful in their careers, have beautiful families, they get to take the nicest vacations, and so on.

The most important question you should be asking yourself is how can you learn to become successful like them?

Personally my motivating factors are not purely for money, power, and fame although they would be nice. I believe motivation needs to come from deeper within; you need to believe in a cause greater than these superficial extras. What motivates me is to prove that I can do anything I want and I can change the world. I have been told many times that I can’t do this, or I need more experience, and this motives me even more. I want to do things I am not old enough to do, I want to do things that I should not be doing, and I actively search for these opportunities.

What motivates you to be doing what you’re doing? And where did your motivational spirit come from?

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