Money from Heaven?

“If I had ____ million dollars, I’d _________, and then I’d ______________, right after I _______________ and bought ______________.

I’m sure that you, like most people, have filled in the blanks before, daydreaming about what you’d do on the day when you hit some “magic number”.

Even when times are tough, this kind of thinking isn’t all pie in the sky.  There’s some real tangible value to contemplating questions like this.

Your magic number represents the bucks in the bank that would leave you feeling like you were set for life.  You can even use it on a more short term forecast to consider what it would take to just make you comfortable, especially if you’re finding your financial life to be a bit volatile lately.

When you figure numbers like these out, you start to make different decisions.  Smarter decisions.  Being more strategic with the time you spend where, how you make a living, how you invest and save, and so much more, all starts to fall into place when you have your eye on a proverbial prize.

Let Fast Track to Success walk you through how to figure out what real financial success looks like for you.  Sit down for a few minutes with our worksheets and you’ll see your magic numbers start to materialize in no time!