Top 12 Books That Even a Man Can Enjoy

1. Eat, Pray, Love
By Gilbert, Elizabeth
The author’s year long search for spiritual meaning.
2. Three Cups of Tea
By Mortenson, Greg/ Relin, David Oliver
An American’s effort to open 50 schools across rural Pakistan and Afghanistan.
3. Blink
By Gladwell, Malcolm
Gladwell’s bestseller on the power of first impressions.
4. The Year of Magical Thinking
By Didion, Joan
5. The Worst Hard Time
By Egan, Timothy
The National Book Award-winning story about the natural disaster of the 1930s.
6. Stumbling on Happiness
By Gilbert, Daniel
A Harvard professor explains the limitations of the imagination and how it affects our search for happiness.
7. Mountains Beyond Mountains
By Kidder, Tracy
The prize-winning Kidder examines a life made meaningful through dedication.
8. 1,000 Places to See in the U.S.A. and Canada Before You Die
By Schultz, Patricia
The bestselling phenom now has a regional cousin.
9. Chosen by a Horse
By Richards, Susan
The author’s life is changed when she adopts a mistreated mare and her foal.
10. Night
By Wiesel, Elie
The masterful account of Wiesel’s survival as a teenager in the Nazi death camps.
11. 1,000 Places to See Before You Die
By Schultz, Patricia
Will there be enough time to see everything, including Robert Louis Stevenson’s home in Western Samoa?
12. The Four Agreements
By Don Miguel Ruiz
A practical guide to personal freedom, outlining a way of life rooted in traditional Toltec beliefs.

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Chad A. Armel is the author of “Stepping Stones,” a collection of motivational and inspirational poems. Chad is also the founder/editor of, a website dedicated to motivating visitors to make a change in their lives.