Meet the Y&S: Matthew Griffin

If you’ve ever met someone and were suddenly overwhelmed by the thought, “this kid is going to really hit it big!”, then you’ll know what we mean when we tell you that Matthew Griffin is one of those people. Though this young entrepreneur isn’t exactly a kid, he started working on his idea 7 years ago at the age of 23.

The big idea? It’s called Baker’s Edge, and it’s an innovative baking pan that is giving people with a sweet tooth one heck of a sugar rush. The concept is simple. As Matthew would ask, “when you eat a brownie, what is your favorite part?” People overwhelmingly concur that the edges that form a little crust around the gooey chocolate center are categorically the best part of a brownie. So Matthew teamed up with his wife, a chef herself, and turned their kitchen into a workshop, setting out to build a better brownie pan.

Matthew poured what little money he had into this project. He invented it, patented it, trademarked it, marketed it, made prototypes, and tested it. In fact, he had a manufacturer and a distributor on standby waiting for funds when he got the call last year that he was a winner of a huge national contest for young people with big ideas. $25,000 in prize money and 7 years after the conception of his one big idea, Baker’s Edge is rolling out of manufacturing plants for the first time this fall. Retailers are lining up for rights to launch the product in their stores, too. Matthew even has a waiting list and some serious interest from the top TV online and shopping networks!

So we told you the product is great, but what can really take a fabulous product to a new level of fame and fortune? Why, a fabulous personality behind it, of course! For Baker’s Edge, Matthew is the man who happens to have that extra something special. If the sparkle in Matthew’s eye, ear-to-ear grin, 100 mile an hour sales pitch, or infomercial don’t convince you, give it a second — his personality certainly will.

Think of him as a young version on Ron Popeil, that late night infomercial guy who sells millions of his Ronco Food Dehydrators, Flavor Savors, and Dial-o-Matic Food Slicers. So, if you’ve ever bought anything from a 2:00 AM infomercial, get ready to whip out that credit card, and place an order for Matthew’s Baker’s Edge — coming soon to a TV near you.