Meet the New CHE – Chief Hospitality Executive!

I found my calling! Okay, maybe not my ‘calling’ but another good experience to add to the “Find-What-I’m-Passionate-About-Pile.” You know, that collection of interesting things I’ve been making mental notes about since graduating college. It happened this past weekend when I was out with my friends at a dance club. It was me and about 6 of my friends dancing on the stage located at the front of the dance floor. As we were dancing I could see other people out on the floor looking up; contemplating whether they wanted to join the crowd and dance on the elevated stage.

It wasn’t long before I took it upon myself to go out in the crowd to select and encourage other party goers to get up on stage. I would get down off the stage, grab a couple people then we would all go back up and dance. Sure, some people looked at me like I was crazy but for the most part people were very receptive. This process of me dancing then going into the crowd to bring more people up continued for most of the night until the stage was THE place to be and people who may have never gotten up there on their own were now busting a move with new friends up in the spotlight! As I was having a fun time dancing I was also enjoying my new duty of ‘sharing the love,’ or limelight in this case, with whoever would follow me up to the stage.

I have always known that I enjoy meeting new people and making everyone feel welcome, comfortable and happy. So even though this wasn’t my own personal party and no one was paying me for my services, I couldn’t help but reach out and make sure those around me were enjoying their night and having fun as well.

So what does all this mean? It means I am coining the title Hospitality Guru (or maybe the CHE – Chief Hospitality Executive). Whether at the club, in line at the grocery store, on the elevator, at the airport, via email, at company functions, or on the phone at my desk, I will welcome and greet friends, strangers, business associates, new clients, and prospective investors with hospitality and personality that they’ve never experienced! I believe as the CHE, companies would pay big bucks to employ me as their “question-answering, party-having, joke-telling, company-representing, friend-making, deal-closing Secret Weapon!”

Okay okay, this might all sound a little far fetched and even a bit conceited, but I think I am on to something here! If you don’t believe me then have your people call my people and we’ll schedule a “wine-you-n-dine-you” appointment ASAP! 😉