Meet Leo Noronha From Mumbai, India!

leo-noronha-tajThis week we interviewed one of our favorite YSN members – Leo Noronha from India, Mumbai! Here in his own words, Leo shares his thoughts on life as a young professional living in India.


I am Leo Noronha from India, Mumbai. I just finished my graduation and am currently working for i-Magik Systems Pvt Ltd – a marketing firm.  It’s like this new road that I have got on with challenges similar to college examinations. I do not miss college as much as I thought I might.

YSN: Tell us something about your country that people around the world probably don’t know, but should, or would find interesting?

Leo: Ahh the people here in India are crazy but very respectful, though when the heard comes together they do wacky things like the communal riots, strikes and all.

YSN: What’s your elevator pitch?

Leo: If I had to pitch to the SIFE members or YSN I would say “Hey I’m Leo Noronha president SIFE Wilson India. I have the brains and the bronze. Hahaha……” leo-noronha-sife

YSN: What does a typical day in your life look like?

Leo:A typical day would be, well I don’t know, it’s always different.

YSN: What does success mean to you?

Leo: Success to me is reaching the top after a good struggle in this competitive age, so any loser complaining to you how lucky you are to be up there, I could just throw my experience and hard work at him. Success got easily or from your ancestors is no success – it’s just that you’re born with the silver spoon. The one line my father told me, I luckily remember, “It’s not how much you earn, but how much you save”. Wow, just thought of a one liner “The more you taste the more you waste!”

YSN: What are you most passionate about?

Leo: I’m most passionate about success and winning; I don’t like to lose, though I learn from it. I’m also passionate about Photography and beauty (what beauty is top secret 😉 ).

YSN: If you could have any job, what would it be?

Leo: I would love to start my own PR Company. leo-noronha

YSN: Any advice for others looking to break into your industry?

Leo: Yeah I wouldn’t mind being their inspiration.

YSN: What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned so far?

Leo: No pain no gain.

Leo Noronha

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